Graphic design trends 2018 ???





  1. The “Glitch” Effect
  2. The “Ruined” Effect
  3. “Color Channels” Effects
  4. Double Exposure
  5. Double Exposure Duotone
  6. Double Light
  7. Creative typography
  8. Cropped Typography
  9. Chaotic Typography
  10. Typography as Real Life Elements
  11. Negative Space Designs
  12. Negative Space Typography
  13. Colorful 3D Substance
  14. One Color 3D Design
  15. Metallic Elements
  16. Color Transitions / Gradients
  17. Hand-Drawn Illustrations
  18. Illustrations Over Photos
  19. Papercut Illustrations

zdroj zde

BBC Two rebrands with idents that give artistic freedom to animators



zdroj textu


BBC Two is working with British artists including sculpture installation creator David Batchelor to create additional animations, while BBC Creative Design will also produce an ident.

British composer and sound designer Alex Baranowski, who arranged the music for the BBC’s World Cup film, developed the audio for the idents. He used the same two notes, which evolve to create an atmospheric journey for each animation.