Logo Ikea / Rethinking IKEA’s logo

ICON Magazine asked us to Re:Think a current brand. We chose Swedish furniture giant IKEA. více zde

Určitě víte jak vypadá logo Ikea, které vůbec nereflektuje podstatu a hlavní ideu/myšlenku značky a já jsem našla zajímavé řešení u Freytag Anderson. Myslím si, že je to ideální řešení. Takových log je co bych ráda změnila …

redesign loga ČSSD a jeho prezentace

Dle slov pana Zaorálka již není růže růží, ale obrněncem, symbolika růže se vytratila. Proč tedy je tam ta růže? Jaký má vizuální smysl? Idea je jaká, jednoduše změnit logo, protože vypadal květ jako hlávka zelí? Asi tak, není tam žádná idea, myšlenka a ten obrněnec to jen potvrzuje.
… a ještě drobnost, co je to za prezentaci nového loga na formátu 5x5cm? to je profesionální přístup? takto má strana prezentovat nové logo? věřím, že autor loga by s tím nesouhlasil …



Pentagram partners Luke Powell and Jody Hudson-Powell have created an identity system inspired by machine learning for Graphcore – a UK and US-based company that makes processing units for AI applications. The system avoids techy cliches and instead features a dynamic typeface, a shape generator and some colourful illustrations that aim to make AI seem more accessible…

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Design Canada / The first documentary chronicling the history of Canadian graphic design


About this project

The story of graphic design in Canada has never been told. Until now.

Greg Durrell of Hulse&Durrell in Vancouver, Canada and Jessica Edwards and Gary Hustwitof Film First in Brooklyn, New York have teamed up to produce the first documentary about Canadian graphic design.

Where did the idea come from to make Canada’s symbol a maple leaf? Who were the creators of this visual language that brought Canadians together in a time of great change and growth?

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Anthony Burrill’s ‘Make It Now!’

1. Trust your first reaction at the start of a project

I approach each project in a similar way, whether it’s commissioned or self–initiated. My working method is straightforward: I think of all the logical steps and practical production methods that I know will work. I tend to mull things over and work out problems subconsciously. If you give an idea a few prods and prompts, eventually potential solutions float to the surface. That way you can let problems work themselves out – don’t try to overthink them. If you complicate things too much, then the first spark of an idea can become overworked and lose its spontaneity. Trust your first reaction – try hard to hang onto your initial creative impulse. In order to fly, an idea has to feel satisfying on lots of different levels – what fonts or colours to use, how to make it, working with collaborators. All these considerations have to feel complete and ‘right’.
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4. If the project isn’t going well, communicate your feelings

Constant communication is the key to keeping things running smoothly – if you are unsure about something, ask. It’s better to know what people expect of you rather than make a guess. Be clear about what you are due to deliver and when, get it done and send it in time.
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