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Anthony Burrill’s ‘Make It Now!’

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1. Trust your first reaction at the start of a project

I approach each project in a similar way, whether it’s commissioned or self–initiated. My working method is straightforward: I think of all the logical steps and practical production methods that I know will work. I tend to mull things over and work out problems subconsciously. If you give an idea a few prods and prompts, eventually potential solutions float to the surface. That way you can let problems work themselves out – don’t try to overthink them. If you complicate things too much, then the first spark of an idea can become overworked and lose its spontaneity. Trust your first reaction – try hard to hang onto your initial creative impulse. In order to fly, an idea has to feel satisfying on lots of different levels – what fonts or colours to use, how to make it, working with collaborators. All these considerations have to feel complete and ‘right’.
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4. If the project isn’t going well, communicate your feelings

Constant communication is the key to keeping things running smoothly – if you are unsure about something, ask. It’s better to know what people expect of you rather than make a guess. Be clear about what you are due to deliver and when, get it done and send it in time.
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